The last few months I have shopped quite a bit and made many pictures of it. So I have made an overview for you of some outfits that I have worn this month.

First this nice dress from Monki. I’m really happy with it and it is a super light and supple fabric that feels super soft. Really the ideal summer dress and also a good one to take on vacation.















This kimono I bought at Primark. Flower print is completely hot and completely my style so I could not resist it. Here I wear it on a jeans from H&M but you can really combine it with so much and is also ideal when it gets cooler in the evening.Here we took a walk through the Kalmthoutse heide witch is a nature park, and a comfortable outfit is part of that. Here I wear a pair of jeans from Berchka combined with a t-shirt from Levis with my Adidas sneaker underneath. Nice comfy and an ideal weekday outfit.Here it was a slightly colder day and that is why I wore this leather jacket from Guess that I have for a few years but remains a topper. I wear this jacket in combination with Mango pants and a T-shirt from H & M. These pants are super comfortable and I think the print and the color are super.Here I wear a T-shirt from Catwalk junkie in combination with a Bershka jeans. Underneath I wear sneakers from SVNTY. I like to wear jeans but you have probably already noticed that, I just think that this is super easy and you can combine it with everything.

I bought these jeans a while ago at JF Mode and is from the brand Guess. I find the details super cool and she fits super good. the sweater that I wear here is from Top Tee that I bought a little longer ago.This cute green jacket from Guess is also a favorite of mine. Super fun to wear when it is slightly colder in the summer months. It’s neither too thick not too thin.

Well I have something with floral print at the moment. This shirt with flower print I bought at JF mode and is from the brand Only.Normally I do not wear skirts easily, but this skirt is super cool. Here I combine it with a t-shirt from Costes. The advantage of a jeans skirt is that it can be combined with almost everything.Red is completely in and I’m super happy with it because I’ve really realized that that it is “the” color  for me. I also found the text super cool. I bought it in a shop in Bergen op Zoom, but I do not remember the name ( shame on me) but you can also buy it at Cotonstore.This outfit is one of my favorites. I’m curious what you think. The pants are of the brand Kocca combined with a T-shirt from Nikkie. I really like the pants and they are perfect for the summer.Here I wear the same pants from kocca with a t-shirt from cotonstore.

This super cute dress from kocca is also one of my favorites. Shirt dresses, I find super cool and easy. Green is also a color that suits me well and I find the model feminine and elegant because of the chin in the waist.I bought these red pants from Tally Weijl at zeb. here I’m wearing it with a t-shirt from Jaqueline de yong. It really strikes me that I’ve been buying a lot of red lately.

I bought this complete outfit at Costes. I think the skirt is super cool and you can wear it both winter and summer. I bought the blouse because I thought it was a nice print and I also really like prints, besides I did not have much yellow in my closet. (Yes, we always find a reason to shop).

Here I combine the same t-shirt with a jeans from 2ndone, which I think is a nice combo.


This were my favorite outfits of the month. I am very curious what you find the most beautiful outfit so just leave a moment behind.




Lots of love,


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