A while ago I went to Germany for a mid-week. We chose the Mosel region about 300 km from Antwerp. We did not want to go far and we wanted to take our dog Oscar with us. Germany is a super dog friendly country. You can almost go anywhere with the dog and you can take him inside a restaurant and also stay at the hotel so that’s ideal. The mosel region is super nice and known for its vineyards at the river (the mosel). Since it was lately tropical in Europe you didn’t have to go far to have nice weather so we had beautiful weather every day. We chose a hotel in Ellenz poltersdorf  Ellenzer Goldbäumchen close to the river and it was a super nice hotel and the breakfast was absolutely delicious. In the evening you can also dine in the hotel restaurant if you wish. Near the hotel you will also find some opportunities to taste wine. If you like wine this is also the ideal region. Mosel wine is rather sweet wine and usually white wine but they also have red and rosé wine.

        foto’s above Bernkastel 


We visited some towns in this area such as Daun which is ideal for shopping. This is a city and isn’t close to the water but it’s still worth a visit. Then we also visited Bernkastel which is about the most famous city in this region and located close to the river. Here you will find a cozy town with many restaurants and cafes. You will also find all kinds of souvenir shops and other shops. It is very busy here in the summer so you better get here early in the day.

The other towns we visit where Schalkenmeren witch lies on a lake and is so beautiful and ideal to walk with the dog and Cohem that is a small city also close to the river not so far from Ellenz poltersdorf with many restaurants on the river side.

On our way back to Belgium we also did a stopover in Aachen which is also a super nice city where you will find many restaurants, shops and the beautiful dome of Aachen.

foto’s above Cohem 

Foto’s above Daun 

foto’s above Bernkastel 

foto’s above Schalkenmeren 

Foto above mosel valley 



foto above Aachen ( dome from Aachen) 



Did you ever have been in the Mosel Valley ? Wat do you think about this place? I’m curious!






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