In the summer my skin feels  dry caused by the sun and needs extra care. I’m also a big fan of sunless tanning because I burn quickly with my type of skin so I avoid the sun as much as possible. To prepare my skin I need a good peeling so that my skin feels smooth and has a uniform color. I use this micropeeling of Garancia without grain to achieve it.

It’s also particularly suitable for sensitive skin like mine because there’s no grain in it. Another advantage is that it only takes 30 seconds and you can rinse it off quickly so convinient for under the shower if you don’t have much time. As you already know, my preference goes for products that are natural and skin-friendly. Well this is a winner! Super skin friendly and natural.

How do you use it

  • make sure your skin is dry before you apply the product
  • 2 pumps per zone is sufficient
  • apply a thin layer and massaging it to your entire body (or only legs can also)
  • the mousse now turns into a cream. Let it work for 30 seconds
  • now rinse
  • a cure of 3 to 10 days per month is ideal



  • coconut extract
  • euqalyptus leaf
  • green coffee


This peeling consists for 98% of ingredients of natural origin.


does not contain

  • silicone
  • parabens
  • phenoxyethanol

dermatologically tested.

What I think of it

I have been using this micro-peeling from Garancia  for more than a week now and I really feel a remarkable difference. My skin feels really super soft and a plus is that my skin is also not irritated after use it what I do have with most peelings with grain. The smell is quite neutral and certainly not dominating what I find a plus. When this bottle is empty I will definitely buy this product back.



Have you already used this product? What do you think about it? I’m curious!





Lots of love,




Ps: This article contains products that I have received. I always give as fair a rating as possible if I do not like the product myself, it does not appear on my blog or it gets a critical review.





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