A while ago I went to a family wedding party so I needed a new outfit for that. I always find it hard what to wear to a wedding party, am I the only one? I want to wear something nice but I do not want to be overdressed do you know the feeling? It was a summer day but unfortunately it was not a hot day it was 18 degrees and it was raining, typical of course  it has been nice weather all summer and then just that day it was not warm and rainy. I also doubted to buy another outfit because I thought it was going to be cold all day but I found this outfit too nice not wear it so I did it anyway.

I bought this jumpsuit at Modemakers, normally I wear a dress but when I saw this jumpsuit I thought yes this is it,  classy but still comfortable that’s ideal right?  The color is super nice and it’s a color that you can be sure of that not everyone is wearing. I wore this jumpsuit with sandals but it is also very nice with high heels. Unfortunately I can not walk so well on heels so I prefer to wear a nice sandal. I am very curious what you think of this look?






Lots of love,



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