Back in Belgium after a wonderful holiday in Thailand. So time to write another blog post. In Thailand I got my hair braided and I’m happy with it, I think it looks super nice plus it is super easy. But of course you have to take care of the braids because you don’t want your hair broken and dry when you pull out the braids.

I did some research and apparently it is best that you use products that are natural as possible. Some time ago I received some hair products from Urtekram a Shampoo, conditioner and hair oil so it is the ideal time to test them. These products are completely natural, vegan and cruelty free.

In their range they have customized hair care products for different hair types and with different scents. I chose a Shampoo and Conditioner from the Nordic Berries range. This range restores hair and contains extracts of Blueberry and Cranberry that is full of  vitamins and antioxidants. I combined it with the Hair oil coconut that I use every day. I use the shampoo once a week.

How do I use these products!

  1. First I start by washing my hair with the Repairing shampoo Nordic berries. I do this once a week. I always wash it twice and make the shampoo thinner by adding a little bit of water which makes it easier to rinse it out afterwards. I only make the shampoo thinner when I have braids. I gently massage it into my scalp between the braids and in the lengths I gently massage the shampoo. Then I rinse it out and repeat it. I rinse it carefully so all the shampoo is removed.
  2. Next step is the conditioner , I use the repairing conditioner Nordic berries. After washing my hair, I dry it. I do this carefully and do not rub but massage my hair with the towel. This way the conditioner would penetrate into my hair properly because when it is to wet the shampoo just run off. First I apply the conditioner to the ends and massage them well. In my case I also do a little bit of product on my scalp because I have a dry scalp.  I leave this for about 10 minutes and then I rinse it off carefully.
  3. The last step  is the Coconut hair oil. I use it when my hair is completely dry,  I apply the product only on my lengths  about 10 cm away from the scalp. I repeat this every day. This makes your hair soft and beautifully shiny.

My experience!

I am very happy with these products. I think it’s great that these are natural, vegan and also cruelty free. I’m satisfied with both the shampoo, conditioner and the coconut oil. I would occasionally use a mask for my hair because have very dry hair. For me, only a conditioner is not enough but for normal to oily hair,  a conditioner is certainly sufficient. The shampoo also foams well what I personally do find important with a shampoo. The conditioner is also not too thick which makes it easy to apply and also to rinse it off. The smell is certainly not dominant but very subtle, which I also find a plus because I do not like products that smell excessive. The coconut hairoil is also not too greasy so easy to apply. I will definitely order more products from Urtekram because I am very curious about their other products as well!


Have you already used products from Urtekram? If so which and what do you think? I’m curious!








Ps: This article contains products that I have received. I always give as fair a rating as possible if I do not like the product myself, it does not appear on my blog or it gets a critical review.








Lots of love,


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